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Over the years, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has earned a reputation for top quality repair and maintenance work and exceptional customer service. Take a look at what some of our past customers have said about working with our Kokomo technicians!

I was quite pleased with the job Bob Gray and his crew did fixing a water leak. Even though they ran into unexpected problems and needed an additional part my estimate remained the same. They were clean and courteous, all of this on a rainy day. Thanks again guys! - Rose Graham

Zach, Andrew, and Austin did a great job installing my furnace and setting up my central air. They got here in no time and got the job done very quickly! They didnt have a bad attitude and were very great to be around. I would very recommend them to anyone who asked. - Debbie Graves

They did a great job installing my furnace and air and in great timing. They got here in no time and went to work right away! - Nickey Graves

We are well pleased with the professional job Matt did to service our air conditioner. He is well experienced and trained in his business. We are happy to have found a quality company to take care of our home and will recommended them to our family and friends. Thanks again Matt, it was a pleasure to meet you. 😃 - Matt Jourdan

My water heater began to leak and Summers sent Chris Baker to give me a quote. Chris was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He was able to remove my old water heater and install the new one that day. Best of all he didn't leave a mess or block my shared drive way. Great job Chris thanks. - Lori Dame

Few years ago, had a bad storm, ruined the A/C and Furnace on my rental. This company, swarmed with people needing help, made sure to see everyone in a timely manor. When they arrived it was not a "oh come on hurry up we have others" they took their time explained all my options and not only into great detail, but lingo that I could understand! The units have been working great, my tenants are happy! Now, I am a returning customer and they are working on plumbing, furnace, and ductwork! Once again, came right away because bad leaking plumbing, took time working with me, just makes you feel safe and secure in your decision, and treats you as a person, not just a job! - Jeromy A Baden

The team from SUMMERS of Kokomo has been outstanding in their service and backing of their 100% satisfaction guarantee. We contracted Summers to replace our 20+ year old furnace and A/C with a new Lennox ELP296 model and matching A/C. All work and was completed in one day and the work areas were well cleaned up. There were however noise issues with the blower and inducer motors of the furnace which quickly became irritating. Note that unlike most houses, ours is one in which the furnace is located centrally in the house in a non-enclosed laundry room, whereas the vast majority of homes likely have an isolated and/or enclosed furnace location. The first issue was the noise of the blower motor making an irritating whine while ramping up to speed, and again upon slowing to stop. Summers was called, and upon inspection agreed to replace the motor. This was accomplished within reasonable time and did improve the noise issue. The next issue was the inducer motor which whined at a frequency that reminded me of the old TV test tones at signoff many years ago (showing my age, huh?). Summers again agreed to change it as well, but the end result was no improvement. They then contacted a Lennox engineer who visited and assessed the issue stating this was a normal condition for this model. Ultimately, the Summers team, standing behind their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, invited us to listen to a Lennox furnace the next model up that they had installed in their local facility, and if satisfied with the noise level, agreed to replace our furnace unit with this one. The Lennox sampled was the SLP98 model which boasted better sound absorption and a different inducer motor (among other improvements). This unit was observed to be noticeably quieter in all cycles. The inducer motor did not generate an irritating noise and the blower motor did not whine when ramping up and back down, so replacement, plus an upgrade to an icomfort thermostat, was scheduled. This replacement was accomplished in one afternoon. Again, the Summers team was professional in all aspects, answered all questions, cleaned up the job areas, and provided for contacts for any future questions. As of this writing, this replacement is under our evaluation for our 100% satisfaction as provided for by the Summers team. Given their courteous and professional interactions with us through these challenging issues, we have every confidence that they will continue to pursue every option available to fulfill our 100% satisfaction. The bottom line: We would recommend SUMMERS of Kokomo to anyone who wants the best service, courteous interaction, and professional cooperation they could possibly get for any needs in this area of expertise. - Terry & Juanita C.

Both Zach and Matt were great. Very informative and just all around wonderful. Did an amazing job. - Todd and Alice S.

I wanted to compliment Amanda Jenning. She was so nice and explained everything. I'm very happy with everything and wanted you all to know. - Richard P.

James went above and beyond. He took the whole furnace apart to clean it. Most people just vacuum it out. - Johnnie W.

Austin McQuiston was just delightful and he did a great job. - Joe R.

Travor deserves the parking spot of the year. He put his shoe covers on as soon as he walked in, absolutely wonderful, courteous, cleaned up well. I'd request him for all plumbing! - Sandra W.

Austin did a good job and was a sweet little fellow! - Earline O.

I am writing to say how pleased we are with our new Lennox heating and cooling system from your Summers Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Kokomo location. Kudos to everyone associated with the purchase, especially the two men performing the installation- Brandon Gillespie and Wesly. Our home was built in 1965 and contractors have worked with us over the years. The Lennox was our fourth or fifth heating and cooling experience and these two men were the best ever. Considerable fabricating was necessary, doing a super job, removal of the old and installation of the new was quiet and efficiently performed. This is the first time, when finished, I did not think I could have done better had I the technical knowledge and were doing it myself. I will recommend this experience whenever an opportunity exists. - John L.

Zach did a wonderful job and he was an excellent gentleman. - Julie K.

Jake was very nice and professional. I have been very happy with all of the technicians who have been to my home. - Jerry P.

I was very impressed that James took his shoe covers off when he went outside and put them back on when he came inside. He also let my 2 year old son work on the furnace with him and that made my son's day! - Isaiah T.

I'm very happy with Summers. I loved Blake, Dave, and Trevor. They did such a good job. They were so clean and neat and I loved the extra whole house shutoffs they installed. - Earline O.

The installers were awesome! They worked through lunch, installed it perfectly, very clean, very polite, and very professional. - Gina F.

Brandon and John were very professional. They were very kind and explained everything thoroughly. I loved talking to them. It was such a pleasure to work with them. They went above and beyond. You guys put up with us milking our AC for all it was worth and you were there the second it went out. - Robert and Dee W.

Andy and Marshall are wonderful guys. Really appreciate them both coming out today. Marshall was the one that found my power issue and it is being taken care of. He was concerned because of my health issues and I appreciated that! - Michelle C.

Marshall did such a good job and I would recommend him to everyone. He was so nice and checked so many things while he was here. - Vivian W.

I just wanted to let you know about the great job and amount of time Marshall spent trying to determine what was causing the rattling in my AC. I am so appreciative. He deserves the highest of praises, a prime parking spot, and a raise. I'm very happy with Summers' services and prices and will refer you to anyone I meet. - Sandra W.

Michael Kidwell gave the best service I've ever had. He was very polite and professional. He was thorough and explained everything. - Shirley R.

Jacob did an incredible job. He was just so great! I am standing in a cool house again and I will recommend Summers to everyone now. Also, Jacob needs a raise :) - Debbie K.

Very kind, professional, and thorough.Very happy with the service!! - Lenny and Lenora H.

I am very pleased with the service and Andy was very professional, nice and courteous. I'm very happy with his work! - Kevin W.

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