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At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling of Lafayette, Indiana, we have a commitment to top quality service at the most affordable prices, and our customers have taken notice. Hear from some of our past customers why they were happy with their choice in Summers for their plumbing and HVAC maintenance and repair needs!

From online scheduling and chatting with Amy, to Richard, the technician, his promptness and good attitude. He did the job plus. And the cost was very fair. So if you need a plumber, heat or AC issues (and they have a contractor service too) I would not hesitate to call them. I guess there are people in Monticello but they don't advertise so they must be too busy for new customers. I tried to find someone for an hour and ended up calling Summers back. AND I am so glad I did. Your company is #1! This company was from Lafayette IN. - Deb Bunnell

I don't know about your other technicians, but Mac and Chris were both excellent representatives for your company. From the first visit when Mac came to give me the original quote, until the install was finished by Mac and Chris, both gentlemen were friendly, patient, informative, determined, and extremely thorough. Mac was very informative about what they planned to do, and clearly explained the challenges they ran into. Chris was determined to take care of all of the details, even down to insisting on cleaning up the floor, even though I told him I would be glad to do it. Both Mac and Chris worked extremely long hours (8 AM to 11:30 PM), determined to get the job done in spite of my assurance that it could wait. Their installation work was very neat and well thought out. I am completely satisfied with the furnace/water heater combo unit that was installed, and with the plumbing repairs that they made. I initially contacted Summer's because of a recommendation from another of your customers, am glad that I did, and will heartily recommend you to anyone who asks me. --Mike - Mike Rubesch

Chris was great! He was competent and explained things well. - Ginger

It's techs like Chris that makes Summers a great company. He was prompt, attentive and did a great job of explaining the diagnostic results. No high pressure sales. I am only using Summers going forward. Will recommend to all my neighbors and friends. - Randy Kopka

To Whom This May Concern: First, I'd like to add my positive feedback about your company and it's services to the list of satisfied customers, whose testimonies I have already read on your website (which encouraged me to go with SPHC in the first place). Along with that, I'd like to state that I was equally impressed with your whole website in general. It is one of the most attractive, professional, and informative websites I have ever seen! All of the helpful information I read there was truly instrumental in persuading me to choose your company over your competitors. I had contacted four other companies in my search for the right contractor to help restore heat in my home (after being without heat in the very cold outside temperatures we had experienced here in Lafayette for over a week), but after I read the information on your website....and learning of your “A+” rating with the BBB (with NO registered customer complaints)....I KNEW Summers PHC was the right choice for me! Additionally, it may interest you to know that seeing your full-page advertisement in the “shopsmart” magazine was also very instrumental in helping me to choose SPHC. Secondly, after I met 'Allen' ('not sure if I spelled his name correctly, but who performed the initial service / diagnostic visit, and who took the time and effort to sit down with me and explained exactly WHY I needed a new unit), and the others who installed my new furnace so efficiently and professionally, I was sure that everything I read about your company online was true! Lastly, I am VERY pleased with my new heating system that “Summers Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling” has installed for me.....and I feel that the price was competitive (and worth it). So far, my new heating system is performing very well and has met my expectations (most-assuredly). Also, I am very satisfied with the new thermostat. As the initial SPHC Representative and I had discussed, I was a bit concerned about replacing my old 'mercury-bubble' dial unit with a new 'push button', self-lit model.....but now, I am so pleased with my new, updated thermostat, and do not wish to go back to what I had before!! Next on the agenda for my home is a new garbage disposal (replacing the old one that has failed).....and I think it is obvious what company I will choose to do THAT for me. :-) !! Sincerely, ~D.J.R., Lafayette, IN 47909. - Donald Reid

During a routine check, I happened to mention something that we considered a potential problem. With absolutely NO pressure, Alan and I talked about the "problem" and just as a trusted neighbor would do, he offered some suggestions on how his company could fix my issues. We talked some more and I decided to implement his suggestions. I'm SO happy that I did! Our home smells great. No more lingering cooking odors!!! Nothing but fresh air! I've had them for a little while now and I've always been satisfied by their professional demeanor, knowledge, and skills. So happy they are our HVAC guys now!! - Rchard H.

"Tony Kimberlin has serviced our furnace at least twice. we are pleased with Tony's professionalism and courtesy. He is always informative and has gained our trust in his abilities." - Robert J. Fields

We were very pleased with such quick, professional service. Alan, our technician was able to prove our system was still under warranty, even after the original installers told us it wasn't. Really appreciate that he saved us $430.00. He was so polite, honest, and friendly! We will definitely be using Summers again. - Tom and Kim Ropp

I wanted to let the company know and any future customers, I have had a terrific service man in the plumbing department. His name is Richard. I have used Summers for a few years and he is the best. He is extremely dedicated, does exactly what he says, is considerate, and follows through. I will continue using Summers...and hope they appreciate what a fine example that Richard is for their company. Thank you so much! - B Burton

Mac from Lafayette Summers PHC visited our home today to do a checkup on our furnace because of our service agreement.They called us to schedule it, we did not have to remind them which i really appreciated. Mac was very knowlegeable and explained what was needed to bring our system back up to "snuff"pricing and all. He was fast but also very effcient.I will continue to use Summers PHC in the future. Thanks Mac for a great job. - Fred R.

I have lived in Indiana since 2003. I have not had any good experience with plumbers nor AC techs.From the beginning last May, Gene, Mike and most recently Alan, have been consistantly courteous, informative, HONEST and professional. My poor husband lived in fear of hot weather as I sleep days and the AC, which was new in 2013, hadn't worked properly since we got it. I am so happy now! These guys are GREAT! - Deborah Poole Davis

Left a message at 07:00 with no heat! 8:00 was called back! 9:00 heat back on! Courteous professional people with a great job to Allen! I plan on upgrading in the near future and Summers will be my go to for sure! - Ron Raber

I am extremely pleased with Richard and Tony. They are excellent! Glad we live in Lafayette to have them as our technicians. - Paul S.

You have been a godsend. Richard was great, took his time, didn't rush and was so nice and helpful. - Beth T.

So thankful we had such a nice young man working for us. Also very happy to have someone who knew what they were doing! - Mary B.

Alan was very considerate, thoughtful, listened well and explained things. He was an excellent representative of their company. Everything is working great and we are very comfortable at 69 F. - Harry G.

Justin did a fantastic job and he is a great guy - Joe P.

Richard and his teammate were both so polite, probably the nicest and most polite technicians we have ever had in our home. - Jean M.

Don't take this the wrong way but I really love Tony. You've got a really good tech and I want him in my home! - Nancy A.

My husband and I were very impressed with the honesty and knowledge of the Summers Lafayette Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling professional that came to our home. He gave us really great useful information that didn't make us feel like he was throwing a huge list of repairs at us. He also spoke to us on our level (we're not experts)and made us feel comfortable and valued. This proved to me that Summers is quality and service minded where so many competitors are forced to be salesmen. Keep up the good work, Summers! - Amanda W.

Alan is great! Very good with people and very conscientious - Becky B.

I was very pleased with Tony. I had no intention of purchasing an agreement but Tony did such a great job I decided to! - Joe P.

Love Tony! Tony was so patient, knowledgeable and explained everything. Impressed with how knowledgeable Tony is for his age :) - Ralph C.

I was super impressed by Tony's professionalism and love for his job :) Would recommend Tony every time. - Don W.

Alan is a great employee, speaks well for the entire company and we recommend them to all of our friends!!! Great Job!!! - Tim H.

Richard did a great job and I really appreciate it! - Kimberly Burke

Alan was just the nicest young man and I was very pleased with his service! - Judy H.

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