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Tax Credits

Tax credits apply to primary residence and may change without notice. Listed are current tax credits:

  • Tax Credit for HVAC Equipment Purchased and Installed in 2012-2016
    This tax credit covers up to 10% of the cost to $500, or a specific amount ranging from $50 to $300. There is a $300 maximum credit available for qualifying central Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Packaged Units and Ductless Mini-Split Systems and a max $150 credit for furnaces and boilers.

  • Geothermal Tax Credits
    Effective January 1, 2009. Expires December 31, 2016.
    Homeowners who have had a geothermal heat pump system installed (if that particular system qualifies) could get 30% of the installation costs. In order to claim the credit, you must have a qualifying system and have had it installed the same year you are applying for the credit.

  • Lifetime Limit Reinstated for Previous Recipients
    Homeowners who have claimed energy efficiency tax credits of $500 or more since January 1, 2006, are no longer eligible for the 2011 federal tax credit.

Indiana Incentives / Policies for Renewables and Efficiency

There is a myriad of incentives for consumers to make their homes more fuel efficient.

If you click on the following link you will find all of the current offers available:
Database for State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
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