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Furnace Tune-Up in Anderson

Just like your regular visit to the dentist for your teeth, the best way to protect your furnace from larger issues is to schedule an annual tune-up. Keeping up the homeowner’s end of a warranty on your furnace means you need to schedule regular check-ins for your system. Without them, your warranty could be void before it technically expires.

We recommend having a professional look at your furnace each fall. This way, a skilled technician can take a look for any potential weaknesses in your system before the cold winter months arrive when an issue with your heating could quickly turn into an uncomfortable – or even dangerous – situation. 

Additionally, proper maintenance will ensure that your furnace continues to function properly for an extended period of time – possibly beyond its 15-20-year life span, saving you from the cost of a new furnace.

So what benefits can a furnace tune-up in Anderson bring you? Take a look!

The Top 5 Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

There are many benefits to having a furnace tune-up. While some of them are obvious, others are a bit less apparent.

Energy Efficiency 

During the tune-up process, a professional will look at any potential build-up that might be causing a loss in energy efficiency. They’ll clear out any dust or dirt, look out for places that natural wear and tear might cause issues, make minor repairs, and find any residue in your drains or burners that might need to be cleared out. As a technician takes care of these issues, your HVAC system will return to its most efficient form of operation.

Protected from Corrosion

During a furnace tune-up, a technician will keep a special eye out for areas that show signs of corrosion within your heating equipment. You’ll be alerted to any parts that need to be repaired or replaced. 

These first two factors alone can raise your home’s heating system’s energy efficiency by 30%!

Cleaner Air

While dust, dirt, allergens, and irritants are a part of the outside air, they don’t necessarily have to pollute your home heavily. Having your filters replaced by a professional will ensure you’re getting the filter placed correctly and you’re using the model that’s most efficient for your furnace. 

With a clean filter in place, household members with allergies or asthma will finally be able to breathe a little easier. 

Save Money

For many people, a furnace tune-up can lead to big savings on utility bills. A furnace that is not regularly tuned will often lose efficiency over time. This means that the furnace has to work harder than it should to get your home to the warm temperature you’ve set the thermostat to. 

However, if you have a furnace that is well-maintained and finely tuned, you can expect your home to remain comfortable without any extra effort from your unit. You’ll be able to go through the winter months with a warmer house at a lower price. In many cases, the savings you find in your monthly bill will more than makeup for the initial investment in a tune-up. 

Extended Lifespan

When a furnace’s efficiency is looked after, and the unit isn’t constantly working overtime to keep your home warm, it naturally lasts longer. Not only do you get to avoid the cost of a replacement for several more years, but you will also see fewer issues throughout the lifetime of your furnace — saving you both time and frustration. 

Furnace Tune-Up Near Me

Ready for your furnace tune-up? We’ve got you covered. For a local Anderson furnace tune-up, look no further than Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Our technicians will take a full look at your thermostat and fixtures during your furnace tune-up, ensuring you and your family are ready for the cold winter months. 

We’re committed to serving our neighbors in the Anderson area. With over twelve locations in Indiana and 24-hour emergency availability, you can count on a technician to be there quickly to help you get your home back to its best. 

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling will expertly handle all your plumbing and HVAC needs. Contact us to schedule a service today.

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