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Furnace Repairs in Fort Wayne

If you live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, then you already know how cold the winters can be. As such, it’s important to have a properly functioning furnace all season long. To ensure you aren’t, quite literally, left in the cold, keep a watchful eye on your furnace. That way, you can catch any problems that occur and promptly report them to the knowledgeable professionals at Summers Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling. We are proud to offer affordable furnace repairs and maintenance to keep you warm all winter long. However, you’re much less likely to need serious repairs or a full furnace replacement if you catch and address furnace problems early on.

Your Furnace Is Very Old

First things first note that a furnace may not always show very noticeable signs that it’s nearing the end of its life or in need of repairs. Sometimes, even if everything seems to be working correctly, you just have to take the initiative to have your furnace looked at by a professional. This is especially true if your furnace is getting “up there” in age.

While furnaces vary greatly in terms of how long they can last, once your furnace achieves about a decade in age or so, it is probably going to need more routine checks and maintenance to keep it functioning correctly. Thus, it’s always in your best interest to have a furnace company you can call on regularly and that knows your furnace, its make and model, and its age.

By being proactive about having older furnaces professionally serviced and inspected more regularly, you can reduce the risk of unexpected failure or serious, costly problems. At the very least, you can get your furnace replaced before it’s truly on its last legs.

Your Furnace Isn’t Doing Its Job

The whole point of having a furnace is, of course, that it supplies heat to your home and keeps you warm. Thus, if you notice that your furnace is failing to do that or is not doing that as well as it once did, this is definitely causing concern.

Pay attention to the air that comes from your furnace. If you notice that it gradually gets less warm or that certain areas of your home are colder than others, this likely indicates some kind of issue. Be especially wary if the air is completely cold since this often indicates a more advanced state of failure.

Furnaces that no longer heat the home or that don’t heat it thoroughly might have a bad pilot light, a failing electrical system, or a host of other problems. However, the only way to get an accurate diagnosis and to make your home comfortable again is to consult a professional as soon as possible.

Your Energy Costs Go Up Unexpectedly

In addition to paying attention to your furnace and how it behaves, take notice of your energy costs. If they suddenly go up without notice, your furnace could be to blame.

Furnaces tend to get less efficient and effective as they age or if they develop problems. Thus, a sudden, unexplained spike in your energy bill could mean that your furnace is failing or at least not working as well as it once did. The good news is that a professional tune-up or general servicing can often get your system back into proper working order, lowering your energy costs in the process.

Your Furnace Turns Off and on Rapidly

Most furnaces will automatically cycle on and off as needed or as programmed. However, get familiar with the normal cycling routine of your furnace. That way, you’ll be able to notice if the cycles suddenly become shorter.

Shorter cycles often mean that something is not working correctly with your furnace. It could just be that it’s aging and becoming less efficient as described above. Or, you could have some kind of blockage, a short circuit, or other issues. In any event, professional help will be needed to get to the root of the problem and fix it for good.

As you can see, your furnace will often let you know when there is a problem. It’s up to you, though, to both pay attention and take action at the first sign of trouble. And, in addition to being vigilant about your furnace, don’t neglect routine maintenance and check-ups, which can often uncover problems before they have the potential to become serious. Typically, the more quickly problems are addressed by a professional service such as ours, the less chance you stand of being out a lot of money or of being left shivering in the cold winter months.

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