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Furnace Repair Services in Peru, IN

Homeowners need complete maintenance services for their heating systems to prevent common issues that could lead to service disruptions. Heating systems must be inspected for gas leaks and problems that could increase health risks and the risk of a fire or explosion. The property owner must ensure that the heating system is safe to operate before they start it up for the season.

We, here at Summers Heating & Cooling are familiar with common furnace repairs as outlined in the product warranty. The warranties require a professional to complete each step as outlined. Property owners may extend the warranty to maximize their protection and get the most use-value from the heating systems.

A Failure to Produce Heat

The furnace isn’t producing heat if the pilot light is damaged and cannot access gas and heat the air properly. The HVAC technicians will inspect the pilot lights and determine if it is clogged or faulty. If the pilot light is faulty, the technicians present the homeowner with a complete estimate for the repair services. Our experts will test the new pilot light and ensure that it functions properly and heats the gas in the heating system.

Frequent Cycling of the Unit

If a component is failing, the heating unit will draw more power to compensate for the loss of the component. If it isn’t replaced promptly, the property owner will incur higher energy costs and will exceed their monthly budget in expenses. By replacing the components, they regain exceptional energy efficiency and control their heating costs more proactively.

It’s Getting Too Hot At Lower Settings

The thermostat could be the culprit if the heating system is not gauging the temperature properly. If is faulty, the heating system will allow the home to get too hot and uncomfortable. Our HVAC technicians will test the thermostat and present a complete estimate for the replacement services.

Programmable thermostats are better choices for homes these days, and the homeowner can control their heating system by setting up times for it to run at a higher or lower temperature. The new thermostats are also great choices for smart home connections, and property owners can adjust the temperature from anywhere.

How Old Is the Unit?

Furnaces that are 15 years old or older will have serious issues, and it will be time to replace the heating system. Our experts can provide the homeowner with a complete estimate for the replacement services. This will include disposable for the existing unit, the installation of the new unit, and the labor costs. We can help property owners find a heating system that is within their budget, too.

Where to Get Furnace Repairs

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling presents homeowners with high-quality HVAC services to maintain their heating and cooling systems each season. The service providers offer full maintenance services for furnaces, and they complete repairs as needed. We provide comprehensive estimates whenever a heating system must be replaced. Property owners can learn more about Furnace Repair by contacting Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling and setting up an appointment right now.

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